Tree Help & Advice

If you own some trees then you should expect and budget for some work at some point. The amount of work and budget will depend on the number, size, and location of the tree(s).

Have a really good look at your trees regularly, if they could affect someone else we would strongly recommend you have a tree professional have a look and document any information. Most professionals will give free insured advice (indemnity insurance).

If any work is recommended you should get more than one quote for the job, you should pick the best value for money and seek references or reviews. No amount of money can correct bad tree work especially on bigger specimen trees, choose your contractor wisely.

Never ever, ever, accept work from cold callers. Reputable companies will not just turn up and knock on your door. If you have already had your trees looked at by a professional then you are less likely to be duped on your doorstep by an uninsured  and unqualified caller.

Some trees are protected by Tree Preservation Orders (TPO’s), which means you need permission from the Local Planning Department (LPD) to carry out most types work on them, some safety work is exempt but good working practice to keep everybody in the loop. It doesn’t mean you can’t work on them. But generally the work needs to be an enhancement or benefit to the tree. We would always recommend a site meeting with the LPD’s tree officer to seek informal guidance on the scope of work.

If you are in a conservation area then you need only inform the LPD of six weeks notice of the planned works, rather than seek permission.

Both types of protection can be applied for online and you can also check your trees online too. Your contractor would  generally do this for you as part of the works, but anyone can do it.

Be pro-active check your trees regularly, have a look after heavy winds, if fungi suddenly appears check with your tree surgeon what it is and what it’s doing to your tree.

More information

There are a some really great sites and causes out there, here are a just a few of them.

The Arboricultural Association offer lots of general information and in our opinion is the industry’s unofficial governing body.

The Tree Council are a charity promoting trees and general awareness, and have really useful information about tree wardens and how to become one.

Another great charity is The Tree Register it is a unique record of the UK’s biggest and best trees, why not check your own trees against the data base, you might have a “champion” in the garden.

For a more specific look at veteran trees and obviously ancient trees is another worthy charity, the  ancient tree forum a very good cause, looking at greater protection for those unique specimens and another information packed site.

If you want to read your information in a book rather than hunt it down on the internet then have a look at Tree Source they have pretty much every tree related book available and a really good resource for everyone interested in trees.

For woodland owners there is the woodland trust, there is always lots going on and campaigns to help with as well as the Small Woods  who have loads of practical information on owning, running and using a small woodland .

A look at woodland skills, produce and all things woody is Living woods magazine great for crafty people.

For all budding and seasoned Arborists alike, if your not already on it join Arbtalk, a real fountain of information.