Decompaction, Soil Aeration & Tree Health

Why just let your tree survive, when you could help it thrive!

There is more to tree management than cutting bits off when necessary. Trees are real survivors and can grow pretty much anywhere, but a lot of trees are under pressure from their local environment and some are in a state of semi permanent stress.

Trees, like us, tend to get bad health when they are under stress from bad conditions. These can range from extremes of weather, down to bad or poorly timed pruning and lack of water.

We can advise you on whats happening to your tree and help you decide the best course of action. We offer a range of services to help you to help your trees thrive.


The easiest and most effective way of boosting your tree by a long way, is to add a mulch. A good quality composted mulch will provide the most cost effective way of helping your trees. Mulches come in various types and materials but all fundamentally offer the same benefits, of primarily retaining moisture and keep the weeds away, it can help reduce the effects of extreme weather on the root plate. Mulches can encourage invertebrates in to the soil and slowly improve the soil. Some really good blended mulches like ours can be effectively used as a soil conditioner too.


Compaction of the soil around a trees roots is a serious issue, and can be the start of major decline especially in larger trees. There are various different ways to deal with compaction depending on how severe it is. Sometimes encouraging earthworms and the invertebrates with some mulch is enough, whilst more commonly an air spade is required to excavate the soil or create air pockets around the roots, but the ultimate in decompaction is air injection! Our air injector is small mobile and highly effective it can create airspace deep in the rooting area and simultaneously fill that space with vermiculite, sand, bio-char or any granular mix.

Reduces Soil Compaction

Improvement of soil structure

Improves drainage of soil


Soil in a built environment can quite often lack the necessary nutrient for trees to really thrive, whether this is lack of fruit or discoloured leaves, the right balance of nutrient for your trees are hard to achieve. We can assess your tree and get the right balance with our tree fertilisers.

Other Soil Improvements

Soil is a key factor in any plants life and issues with the soil will have a massive impact on trees and the plants alike. Compacted, poor structured, too wet or too dry soils make hard work for roots to work efficiently. We use a range of techniques and amendments to improve the structure and effectiveness of the soil.