Arbor Check an Industry World First.

Tree managers and surveyors have always had to be generally speaking re-active, as when looking at trees we are taught and conditioned to check a tree by looking for defects or symptoms. More often than not the only objective points to a tree survey are structural i.e. cracks, cavities and storm damage.

We have lots of reference material available to us regarding the significance of certain pathogens on certain trees, and the outcome “the prescribed work”, is still largely based on structural stability or in a broader sense, safety.

Normally to see how trees are performing from a physiological point of view, we rely on good observation to see wilting, dieback, or early leaf fall, and these are all symptoms are all in the past they have happened!

We know have the technology to read and give an actual physiological out put of a tree, which enables us to catch stress early on and deal with it in a pro-active manner. It can help save trees that might be otherwise be written off and condemned as dying when some structural pruning could suffice. In essence we have only every been able to check on the body work of a tree but now we can measure the output of the engine room too.

The equipment itself is in 2 parts, one device measures Chlorophyll content and the other measures Chlorophyll fluorescence data is a few other inputs are added all the data is collated in a tablet via bluetooth and gives a  result based on three traffic lights which are easily interpreted in varying degrees of stress and output.

As with most new toys we’re using it lots and learning the the best way to use it. If your interested in a health check for your tree please give us a call. We are offering and introductory discount on the first 5 enquires, for an onsite analysis for just £30.

For a far more detailed explanation of this amazing equipment please visit Arbor Check.