ISO 9001 & NHSS18

Celebrating Double Accreditation Success

We have been tirelessly working towards improving the way we operate, all of what we do is effected by how we do it. Any efficiency is a positive step towards quality and ultimately customer service, every function is analysed and monitored. Each function linked together becomes a process and the process is what makes us measured, consistent and constantly improving.

Quality of service is a paramount necessity for a service business like ours, so what better way of demonstrating it than meeting the International Standard. A standard that is a base line measure for all sectors and types of business. It demonstrates not only quality output but the constant checking and reviewing to enable us to be the best always. It is no mean feat to gain, which is why we are so incredibly proud of ourselves and can really see the immediate benefits of how we do business. We are looking forward to even more accreditation later this year.

Apart from the obvious customer service benefits, Quality Management may seem a little irrelevant for a tree surgery company, so we also opted to push a little harder and get a something extra at the same time. National Highways Sector Scheme 18 is the Environmental part of the Highways schemes and basically means we know how to do our job and do it well, being compliant with every conceivable rule and regulation, in other words we deliver the best service in the area!