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Call Out Service

We carry out all kinds of emergency work, mostly for highways and generally at night, we have a good response time and complete quickly, effectively and safely. In a domestic scenario we come in, make safe, then assess and provide a quote for any further clearing up. This way you are not rushed into making spur of the moment decisions.

Site Clearance & Vegetation Management

Site Clearance

When an area is overgrown, inaccessible or derelict spaces that need to be cleared of all vegetation and rubbish. This may be just weeds & brambles or whole areas of scrubland & trees. This is when we use our extensive range of machinery, although some sites may be ecologically sensitive and require a specialist approach.

BS5837 Site Services

BS5837 Site Services

We can offer help and support right through the build process implementing and actioning specifications set out in your tree report, guiding & assisting you with your responsibility to protect retained trees.

We are  a one stop shop from marking out to tree protection fencing, ground protection or just technical support.

  • -:Full BS5837 :2012 Trees in Relation to Design, Demolition and Construction Recommendations
    which includes, surveys with accompanying Tree Constraints Plan (TCP), Tree Protection Plan (TPP), Arboricultural Impact Assessment (AIA) and Arboricultural Method Statement (AMS) if required.
  • -:Tree protection fencing , whether just supply or instal as well, we also can upgrade your existing site fencing to spec where required.
  • -:Ground protection, where access is needed over the root protection area.
  • -:Liaise with the LPA where changes arise onsite and specialist advice is needed.

Timber Milling

Timber Milling

We use a chainsaw mill and the results are surprisingly good, in most cases on a par with standard sawn timber.

The real beauty of a chainsaw mill is you can carry the mill to the log. Usually in a domestic setting the only way to get a large trunk of a tree out is to cut it up into small pieces only suitable for firewood. We felt this was a shocking waste especially when slightly less common trees are involved, so we try when ever possible to mill the largest pieces  of timber, this opens a whole new chapter to up-cycling and you can create rustic garden furniture, or give woody gifts at Christmas & Birthdays.

 Bespoke Timber Supplies

Bespoke Timber

We usually have a few planks of timber in varying degrees of readiness, all different dimensions and species.

Because it is so exclusive,  supply is unfortunately quite erratic but every piece is a one off. We can further the process and plane the timber (up to 20″ 500mm) and re-size to your exact dimensions. We can create beautiful one off chopping boards and platters just like Jamie Oliver has.