Tree Reports, Surveys & Inspections

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There is a need for tree owners to  regularly inspect their trees to ensure their “duty of care” has been met. Under the “duty of care” , the person or organisation responsible for the tree, must take reasonable care to avoid acts or omissions, that could reasonably be foreseen, would be likely to cause harm to persons or property.

We offer a free consultation before any reports are carried out either over the phone or via email to make sure that you get the service you need.

  • Tree Preservation Order (TPO) & Conservation area applications & guidance.

If you are in a conservation area or your tree is covered by a TPO we can act as an agent between you and the local planning department filling in relevant forms and a site visit. Prices from £50  ( fully refundable on subsequent work for the tree).

  • Tree Health Check. (analytical stress diagnostics)

A highly sophisticated physiological health check using Arbor Check state of the art equipment. By measuring Chlorophyl fluorescence the equipment can detect subtle changes in the trees physiological output and can pick up early signs of decline, stress and monitor recovery (over a period of time). Traditionally tree surveyors and managers are defect led and are forced to be re-active and rely heavily on experience. Now we have the technology to show exactly what is going on in the “engine room” of the tree. Prices from £60 for a single tree on site result and £100 for a single tree with analysis report, discounts for multiple trees.

  • Mortgage Report – Trees & Vegetation

 A basic ground based visual survey of trees within close proximity to buildings or that may affect neighbouring property. This document is designed to fulfil the requirements of mortgage lenders and insurance companies. Prices from £250 (without soil and root analysis)

  • Tree Condition Report. 

This more in-depth tree survey, covers in a greater level of detail. Aspects such as the significance of defects, a quantified tree risk assessment and future management, whether it be for the mitigation of risk or the longevity of the tree’s health. The survey will be bound and presented with scaled maps denoting the location of all trees plus a digital copy will also be provided. This type of survey is perfect for people who require not only a greater level of risk assessment but also need guidance with the future management of their tree stock.  This document is designed to fulfil the “duty of care” expected of home owners, landlords and estate managers, businesses, parish councils and schools.

  • Large Scale Tree Survey. 

This type of survey is designed for the owners or managers of large populations of trees that require frequent tree surveys to record condition, location and required management. Aimed at estates, local authorities, and other large land owners this survey utilises the best GIS mapping software to provide usable data that can be added to your pre-existing database. The prices below reflect the initial outlay in year one but significant discounts are given for subsequent surveys.

  • Tree Damage Report – Subsidence or Direct Damage.

An investigative report usually asked for by insurance companies or money lenders, to establish where , how or what has caused or suspected of causing property damage. We give impartial advise on mitigation techniques, solutions to prevent further damage and how to deal with problem trees. Subsidence occurs through the soil drying and shrinking which effects foundations. Direct damage is physical contact from large roots, branches or even the trunk of the tree.