Winter is here

The worst of the winter weather is upon us and the trees are taking a pounding. IMG_2163

Tree owners need to be proactive with their tree management, when was the last time you had your trees looked at by a professional?

If its been a while you should at least have a closer look, if they are large or in a high risk area e.g. next to a road or neighbours conservatory then you really should consider getting them inspected.

What to look for

Before going underneath the crown check nothing has broken off and liable to fall on you.

Look for cracks running along the length of branches these are called “hazard beams” and can be the last warning before they fail.

Look for really tight forks or unions and see if a crack is forming the tree can easily split at this point.

Tree failure is caused when roots snap and sometimes can give you a clue by cracks suddenly appearing close to the tree base around the root plate or in some cases the actual root end pokes out, in worst event the trees can rock with barely any roots connected.

Ivy can massively increase wind resistance and cause branch and stem failures, we would always recommend removing ivy from trees when they are in a high risk area.


We certainly wouldn’t recommend walking under your trees in high winds and nor permanently worrying through a window but at least make an observation from a safe distance but more suitably after major winds and gusts especially when the wind is North Easterly

If you don’t really understand what to look for then call a professional. Most like us will give free advice and guidance on what to look for in person.

We have dealt with hundreds of call outs in the years and 90% of those had foreseeable defects or ivy that any professional would have spotted.

Be pro-active with your trees, get to know them and avoid nasty surprises.